Having spent over 25 years creating and designing brands both big and small for large businesses worldwide, I decided it was high time I started creating my own little works of art.


My design background informs and influences all of my work, from a love of composition and visual space, to the energy and freedom of abstract line work. Ideas always start with drawing, using a variety of line weights, with the negative space as much a feature as the positive. I enjoy exploring the textures created by different printmaking techniques based on these original drawings.


At the moment I'm exploring the use of plaster in printmaking. Inking and casting intaglio and relief plates has achieved exciting results which I am still experimenting with and developing. 


Each cast is unique, adding individual form and texture to my drawings, enhancing the original by creating a 3-d effect that is far more interesting and rewarding.

This year I’m really excited to launch RubyKite Arts & Scarves, a new “Art to scarf” brand that I have created together with Joy Leese.  We have my limited edition prints on pure silk and cashmere scarves, wraps and accessories; beautiful statement pieces that stand-out as truly original. 

Head over to RubyKite to find out more about our shows and exhibitions.

I also sell my "little works" privately and I'm always happy to welcome visitors at my studio by The Thames. Message me if you would like to pop by.